Heroes Lawn Care Offers Professional Grade Lawn Care Services in Omaha

Heroes Lawn Care, a company based in Omaha, NE, is offering professional grade lawn care services in Omaha and neighboring areas. Those who are interested can easily get an estimate for their particular lawn. A spokesperson for the company says, “We offer real-time estimates online with our lawn legend software. Simply highlight the area your lawn needs serviced and notate any details your lawn project requires. Our AI hero will provide you with an instant quote. No hassle, simple, and free.”

For those who prefer it, they can get an on-site consultation. One of their certified lawn care experts will visit the home of the client or the building of a business to perform a personalized evaluation of the outdoor space and provide various important details and pricing based on the specific requirements and needs of the customer for the lawn. Or the customer can get a live consultation over the phone with their lawn experts to determine the customer’s specific needs and preferences. They can set up the plan immediately after consultation or the customer can have one of the lawn experts schedule an in-person consultation.

Their lawn experts at Heroes Lawn Care can provide personal agronomic lawn evaluations. With regards to lawn fertilization, they can offer various services, such as: fertilization packages, aeration, overseeding, soil amendment, grub control application, weed control, broadleaf weeds control, grassy weeds control, nutsedge control, crabgrass control, vegetation control, lawn disease control, armyworm control, and bed weeds control / maintenance. It is important to note that fertilization has to do with the application of plant nutrients on the lawn to ensure optimal growth conditions in Omaha for grass. The key plant nutrients that they provide during lawn fertilizer treatment are phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen. These three macronutrients, along with micronutrients (calcium, iron, manganese, sulfur, magnesium, etc.) and seasonal pesticides and pre-emergent are applied six times in one year at scientifically chosen times.

When needed, they can provide lawn aeration, which is the process of making small holes on the soil to reduce soil compaction and help important vital elements, such as air and water, to reach the grassroots. This process can help the roots in growing deeply, resulting in a stronger and livelier healthy lawn.

They can also provide overseeding, which is applying the appropriate grass seed at the same time as core aeration. This grass seed typically has more desirable traits for the conditions in Omaha. This means they are heat resistant and drought resistant, offer a lawn that appears deeper green, and better recovery. They apply these grass seeds yearly and they will eventually flush out the other undesirable grass.

They also have various services to ensure the proper watering of the lawn. These include: irrigation packages, irrigation turn on, irrigation inspection, irrigation repair, drip irrigation repair, midseason inspection, winterization, sprinkler repair, system upgrade, and controller upgrade. Their goal is to ensure that all of the irrigation systems for the lawn are as efficient as possible. They will conduct efficiency tests for the client’s home and landscape, evaluating the current system and then provide advice on property upgrades that they can perform to help save water, money, and the environment.

Heroes Lawn Care was established by Mike Marlow and Taylor Olberding who had the goal of offering the best lawn care services, ranging from fertilization to irrigation. Mike used his expertise in business management while Taylor applied his degree in turf management and hands-on experience. The Heroes team is keen on providing world-class service in ensuring that customers have a professionally maintained and great looking lawn. And they make sure that they only use environmentally responsible products and solutions for protecting the lawn, the yard, and the home.

Those who are interested in professional grade lawn care services in Omaha can check out the Heroes Lawn Care website or contact them on the phone. They are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, from Monday to Friday; and from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.


For more information about Heroes Lawn Care, contact the company here:

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