Greater North Denver Insulation Contractors Provide Spray Foam Insulation Installation and More

iFoam of Greater North Denver, based in Commerce City, CO, is pleased to announce they are offering spray foam insulation installation services and more in the Greater North Denver area. The company’s team of insulation experts are capable of offering the best insulation services, such as spray foam insulation, blown in attic insulation, residential retrofit, air sealing, and insulation removal. Those who are interested in getting more details about the company and its different services can visit company website.

A spokesperson for iFoam of Greater North Denver says, “Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that is applied as a liquid and then expands into a foam. It is often used in Greater North Denver Colorado residential and commercial buildings because it can provide a tight seal and help to prevent air infiltration and heat transfer.”

Spray foam insulation is sprayed in liquid form into the space that requires insulation, such as crawl spaces, rim joists, attics, and new construction. There are two kinds of spray foam insulation, which are the open-cell insulation and the closed cell insulation. Open cell insulation is less expensive and is usually spongy while closed cell insulation tends to be more rigid and solid.

Spray foam insulation offers several benefits. Once the foam has been installed into the open cavities, it dries quickly to prevent air infiltration. Although it is more costly than other kinds of insulation, it allows the homeowner to save on energy costs. Another benefit is noise reduction, especially for the open cell foam insulation. A third benefit is that spray foam insulation can minimize the quantity of pollen, or allergens, that can get through the walls. This is beneficial for people who are suffering from allergies and other respiratory conditions. In addition, because the spray foam insulation blocks the tiny holes and gaps, it can prevent insects, bugs, ants, and small rodents from getting inside the home.

Since spray foam insulation blocks the tiny holes and gaps, moisture is prevented from entering the home, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. It can also help add strength to the walls, especially with closed cell insulation, due to its hardness and density. This can help in withstanding heavy snow, strong winds, and earthquakes. It is also important to note that spray foam insulation is better in terms of durability compared to styrofoam and fiberglass insulation. And lastly, spray foam insulation is eco-friendly as it is longer lasting and consumes less material.

iFoam of Greater North Denver can also provide blown-in insulation, which they install with the use of an advanced blower system that enables the insulation materials to cling to the area with consistent thickness all throughout. The insulation material that is typically used is fiberglass, which is composed of 40 to 60 percent recycled glass. They can also provide insulation removal services for homes or buildings or damaged insulation. They can also provide a residential retrofit to enhance the insulation of a home by replacing the old insulation with spray foam insulation or blown-in insulation.

iFoam of Greater North Denver can also offer air sealing services, which ensure that air infiltration is prevented, thus helping to decrease energy bills and prevent outside air from getting inside the home. They will apply a variety of techniques, including using an air barrier, foam, caulk, and weatherstripping.

iFoam of Greater North Denver is owned and operated by Refugio ‘Kukis’ Moran, who moved from Chihuahua, Mexico to Denver in 1999. She earned a bachelor’s degree in management of communications and media technology from Regis University and a master’s degree in telecommunications from the University of Denver. She was previously the Executive Director of Communications Engineering for Comcast before she launched her iFoam business. Meanwhile, Jon Carleton serves as General Manager. He graduated from the University of Tennessee and moved from Tennessee to Colorado in 2014. Their service area includes: Commerce City, Bennett, Berthoud, Boulder, Brighton, Broomfield, Denver, Erie, Firestone, Longmont, and Louisville, Colorado.

Those who would are interested in the insulation services offered in the Greater North Denver area can visit web site of iFoam of Greater North Denver or contact them through the phone.


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