Focus AV Introduces Cutting-Edge LED Scoreboards in Perth

The state-of-the-art LED scoreboards from Focus AV, Australia's top provider of audio-visual solutions, have been introduced in Perth to offer sports enthusiasts an immersive and interactive experience. These scoreboards are meticulously crafted to provide real-time updates and improved clarity with brighter, more vivid text and images that remain unaffected by inadequate lighting, providing fans with an engaging and dynamic experience.

Colin Tross, Managing Director of Focus AV, stated that the customisable LED scoreboards provide an immersive experience for fans, and the company's user-friendly custom software enables real-time updates to be made remotely using an iPad.

LED scoreboards bring several advantages to sports venues, such as reduced operating costs and simpler maintenance, thanks to eco-friendly and energy-efficient LEDs. These LEDs can withstand harsh conditions and are resistant to damage from environmental factors, making them weatherproof. Moreover, the superior visibility of the LED scoreboards offers fans an enhanced and clear viewing experience, and split screens can display multiple sports and events on a single scoreboard.

"Team members are excited to introduce the LED scoreboards to Perth sports enthusiasts, providing them with the ultimate entertainment experience. The experienced crew will work with customers to design and install an LED scoreboard that meets unique requirements. The team will handle the installation, supply, and maintenance of the hardware, frame, structure, and engineering to support the scoreboard," said Colin Tross.

The custom software allows for flexibility and various configurations, including live images, live streams, statistics, announcements, warnings, and integration with other technologies, such as social media. The LED Scoreboards Perth also offers seamless integration of advertising content, both static and dynamic, to raise funds, generate ad revenue, and increase brand awareness.

"Focus AV is committed to providing cutting-edge audio-visual solutions to clients. The LED scoreboards are the perfect example of how the company aims to innovate and enhance the entertainment experience. Team members are looking forward to bringing the best in audio-visual technology to sports enthusiasts in Perth," said Colin Tross.

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