Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Uses Unique Approach to Offering Bespoke Rehab in Hawaii

Hakalau, Hawaii -

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, a rehab facility based in Hakalau, HI, want to point out that the world class bespoke rehab they provide is unmatched by other rehab facilities. Their approach to bespoke rehab is the provision of a unique program that is based on the specific needs of each client who attends their facility, which cannot be matched by other destination rehabs. More importantly, the results that they are able to achieve for their clients are exceptional and this is proven by clients not just being able to achieve sobriety but also a greater life satisfaction, which minimizes the chances of a relapse.

They also provide luxury rehab for longer than the conventional 30 day stay. This means the luxury rehab provided is an intensive, inpatient treatment for clients who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, all done in a luxurious setting. Clients who take part in these long-term rehabilitation programs usually stay for longer than the usual 28 to 30 days.

Discover a world class, bespoke rehab with Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

Bespoke rehab is designed for clients who have a name that is regarded to be high profile in any industry, whether it is in entertainment or business, and discretion is vital. This kind of rehab is typically known as a “celebrity rehab” or “luxury rehab” by the general public. Unfortunately, this kind drug or alcohol typically carries a negative stigma. Thus, luxury rehab does not just mean that a luxurious and quality environment and service are provided for the clients undergoing rehab but it also means there is a need for discretion and safety. As part of the bespoke rehab provided by Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, state-of-the-art facilities are provided including various quality amenities, such as pools, tubs, gym, and pools.

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab also wants everyone to know that they also offer complex PTSD inpatient treatment. Most people are already aware of the mental health condition known as post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD), which may have been caused by a variety of reasons. However, there is another level of PTSD that exists and this is complex PTSD. This is a condition that makes life extremely difficult for those who are suffering from it.

Individuals who have complex PTSD have suffered from repeated and ongoing abuse for a long period of time and the trauma has created a pattern of emotional and physical avoidance that makes it a challenge for them to function well. Complex PTSD has been found to be associated with higher rates of anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, suicide attempts, and self-harming behaviors. At Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, they treat complex PTSD with a broad range of holistic techniques that are tailor-fitted to each client with the input from the individual as a reference.

Complex PTSD is a severe mental health issue and is estimated to affect up to 7 percent of the world population. It can develop after experiencing any trauma but it most frequently occurs in individuals who have been abused or mistreated over an extended period of time during childhood, such as survivors of neglect, domestic violence, and emotional abuse. These traumatic experiences typically cause a change in brain chemistry, which is why a therapeutic strategy is needed.

Launched in 2003, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a private luxury drug rehab and alcohol treatment center that is strategically located on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is regarded by many people to be “the healing island”. The center is found on a peaceful and breathtaking cliff facing the Pacific Ocean where patients are offered a safe and nurturing environment that is suitable for individuals who are beginning their journey towards recovery from their addiction. Their holistic, non 12-step rehab can be custom-fitted for each individual client to ensure that it is suitable for their specific needs and preferences and is a cohesive and comprehensive path to recovery that can offer the means to escape from addiction.

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