Exclusive Hawaii Rehab Offers New Recovery Resources Including Using Private Pay for Rehab and Other Tips

Hakalau, Hawaii -

One of the top facilities in the US for addiction treatment, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has published new resources for prospective clients seeking recovery help. The Big Island based facility boasts a luxury, exclusive recovery environment that takes a holistic approach to healing addiction. Specializing in substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and PTSD, and dual diagnosis, Exclusive Hawaii Rehab has a team of licensed therapists and medical staff who are committed to a patient’s healing journey. These new resources are designed to give information on what makes their treatment facility effective, the benefits of holistic drug and alcohol treatment, and how to afford treatment.

With over 14,000 rehab treatment centers in the US, finding the right recovery center can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, says the spokesperson for Exclusive Hawaii. It’s important, he adds, to work with therapists who are not only experienced professionals but experienced in addiction.

The self pay for rehab option is accepted among discerning facilities such as Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

“Everyone in our staff has a personal relationship with overcoming addiction, which makes us able to connect with our clients differently.”

When it comes to what makes their facility so effective in treating addictions of all sorts, their team says it's a combination of all the right therapeutic components. One published resource discusses the proponents of a quality rehab facility in the US. According to the report, evidence-based treatment, personalized care plans, experienced staff, and a natural, healing setting are paramount to a patient’s success in recovery.

“Out here, there are no outlets for addiction behaviors,” the spokesperson continues. “Clients can’t run to a nearby bar, link up with their drug dealer, or engage in any activity outside of healing. Being here on this island, there’s no way to run away or practice these escapist coping mechanisms.”

A second report discusses holistic methods of treating addiction. Holistic approaches, such as mindful techniques, bodywork, and mental health therapies, is how therapists are able to treat the patient, not the addiction.

“Other programs put all of their focus on the addiction when really, there is a deep spiritual, psychological imbalance behind any addiction,” says a Lead Therapist at the Exclusive. “We focus on healing the person, so they can then stop addiction for themselves. Instead of putting a bandaid on the addiction, we get to the root of the problem by identifying the core cause of it.”

The facility offers a wide range of holistic treatments, including EMDR therapies, nutritional therapy, nature immersion, yoga, acupuncture, therapies that heal the brain and nervous system, concierge IV infusions, a safe and comfortable detox, and more. Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is also proud to offer a non-12-step approach and instead gives each new arrival a personalized treatment plan, specific to their needs.

“No client is the same, so no treatment can be the same,” the Lead Therapist asserts. “We offer treatments as unique as our clients. We assess each person who arrives at our facility thoroughly to create a personalized treatment plan that will garner the best available experience and outcome.”

Paying for treatment is a concern for many addicts seeking recovery. Not only can the cost of treatment be a factor, but how the treatment is paid for is also important. Because treatment is an intensely personal experience, it’s imperative to receive care at a facility that prioritizes patient privacy along with healing. Many people seeking recovery want to make every effort to keep their treatment on a need-to-know basis. This third resource talks about the advantages of private pay for rehab. Private pay allows clients to pay for their treatment without identifying who they are, and what their treatment is for. Most standard insurance companies have a more invasive process, which can leave a patient’s identity vulnerable.

“Our clients come from all walks of life, from everyday people to celebrities and people in positions of power,” says their spokesperson. “Addiction can have a negative impact on a person’s reputation, and make the healing process that much harder for our clients. We offer private pay in addition to our exclusive atmosphere to protect a patient’s privacy.”

The facility is open to anyone who is seeking holistic treatment with long-lasting benefits and high success rates. To begin a confidential discussion of options with their Intake Coordination team, contact them at (808) 775-0200 or by email at intake@exclusivehawaiirehab.com.


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