Evans GA Company Willow Creek Outdoor Management Answers Three Major Questions Regarding Sod Installation

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Harlem, GA- based Willow Creek Outdoor Management prides itself on helping its customers in Evans, Grovetown and throughout the Augusta area to make important lawn care decisions. One of the most important ways the company does this is by using the experience of their key personnel to give sound in-person advice regarding property owners' lawn care and landscaping needs. In addition to that, this landscape contractor also posts many informational lawn care blogs on its website. Three of these blogs answer important questions regarding the tricky task of installing new sod.

The first of these blogs titled ‘What to Look for When Choosing a Sod Installation Service’ discussed why it’s important to be thorough when selecting a sod installation contractor. It brought up such key points as to make sure a landscape company has many years of experience doing this type of task and a solid portfolio that shows the quality of the sodding work that they do. This posted article also mentioned that locally owned companies often provide more personalized landscape services, and any hired contractor should be licensed and insured. Other important sod installation factors that make a solid hire include finding out where a company sources its sod from and the types of sod that they offer.

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Another sod installation-related blog the company posted is titled ‘Should You Replace or Repair Your Brown Grass?’. It will help someone determine whether they need to take the more drastic lawn care step of replacing their current grass with new sod or if they can simply ask an experienced landscaping contractor such as Willow Creek Outdoor Management to help them improve the looks and quality of their existing grass. This blog first elaborates on how a customer can determine if their brown grass is just dormant or it is no longer alive. It is also important for a homeowner to determine the extent of the dead grass in their yard. In most instances, how sod installation is recommended for lawns where more than 50% of the grass blades are no longer alive. Also discussed in this article is how sometimes fertilization, weed elimination, overseeding, and aeration can help a dying lawn recover.

The last of the three blog articles that the company posted regarding sod installation is titled ‘How to Select the Most Appropriate Sod for Your Lawn’. Here it was mentioned how climate, sun exposure, amount of maintenance required, lawn size, and the intended purpose of a lawn all play a critical role in sod selection. This posted article also suggested that it’s best to consult with an experienced sod installation contractor when trying to choose the perfect sod for a specific landscaping project.

Willow Creek Outdoor Management posts informational blogs related to many of their landscaping services, including lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, hardscaping, landscape design, and retaining wall installation. Many client reviews attest to the skillful way the company’s crews go about providing sod installation or their many other specialty lawn care services. Mark Rogers stated, “This company's work was superb and of the highest quality. They worked extremely hard, and the final product was of the greatest quality, and we were very pleased with the outcome. We liked it so much that we're planning to have Willow Creek do some more lawn care for us. Without hesitation, we would recommend their landscaping services! Looks like we've found our favorite landscaper and lawn service. Thanks to Andrew.” Dallas Simon proclaimed, “We own three rental houses. Working with Willow Creek Outdoor Management has made our lives much easier. We have found their work to be top-notch. Costs are reasonable, and billing is quick. I have no complaints. We used their website to get a quick estimate which was easy to do. Wish we'd heard about them sooner; we'll definitely continue to use them to help with our ongoing lawn maintenance.”

Those looking to inquire about any of the lawn care services that Willow Creek Outdoor Management offers can contact them by phone or get a free estimate by filling out the form that is found on the company website.


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