EUROMOVERS International Gives Top Award for European Removals to PSS International Removals

London, England -

PSS International Removals, a UK-based international removals company, has won the EUROMOVERS Top Booker Award for European Removals for the third year. EUROMOVERS International compromises European removals organisations and is made up of over 70 leading international moving companies in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Belgium, France, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland and as well as beyond the European Union in Australia, the Russian Federation, the United States, China and several other countries.

Thomas Juchum, Executive Board Member at EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance SCE mbH commented, "During the EUROMOVERS International Conference in Catania, Sicily, Italy, the quality evaluations of the year 2022 were presented to the participants. The company PSS International Removals from the United Kingdom, won the "Top Booker Award 2023" with a contribution of almost 2.5 million pounds (weight) of removals to the group. PSS wins this award for the third time in a row. The company cooperated with at least 12 different members of the EUROMOVERS Worldwide Alliance."

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PSS International Removals understands that people who are moving from the UK to overseas countries require a trustworthy and reliable international removal company that can handle everything for them. The company has specialised solely in international removals and shipping for more than 40 years. The result is that clients have absolute trust in their experience, expertise, and professionalism and can rest assured in the knowledge that PSS offers outstanding service that is affordable, fast, and reliable.

Liam Witham says, “From the first phone call to the moment you arrive in your new home, we provide a great service for your move, and as worldwide movers, we can help you move to popular destinations around the world".

The huge volume of overseas removals that PSS handle each year enables them to provide savings for transport. Liam Witham says, “We recommend using our free, no-obligation cost calculator feature on our website. We can also send one of our experienced estimators to visit you free of charge, ideally between 3 to 6 months before your intended departure".

PSS International Removals can provide an international removals quotation through a remote video survey. Clients can walk them around the home using their smartphone. It is also important to note that PSS depots can be found in various locations in the UK, and their fully trained estimators and export packing professionals cover all the locations. Their office staff can handle all elements of the international move. Their move coordinators will apply their extensive knowledge and experience in international removals and shipping to guide clients through the process.

Started in 1982 as a personal shipping services company in the UK, PSS International Removals is a family-operated business. They offer their services to both migrants and expats who need to move from the UK to other countries. They also have an overseas shipping service designed to ensure that moving to another country is convenient, easy, and hassle-free. They are always committed to providing a complete organisation for the move, including assisting with customs clearance and the required documents.

Those who want to know more about the Euromover award and the international removals and shipping services offered by PSS International Removals can visit their website or contact them by phone or email.


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