DyerNews Highlights The Best Personal Finance Articles Published In March From All Over The Web

DyerNews, which covers topics such as money management, small business, FinTech, and product reviews, has published “Top 10 Personal Finance Articles of the Month — March 2022” which lists the best articles related to personal finance published in March 2022.

The 10 articles highlighted in the article talk about incorporating different perspectives when it comes to managing money and investing, how to live happy and fruitful lives with less spending and resources, and other personal finance topics such as gamification of investing, the path to becoming wealthy, and more.

Top 10 Must-Read Personal Finance Posts March 2022

The article to kick off the list titled “Flip The Script” from Your Money Blueprint talks about the advantage of looking at spending as a large expense, while breaking down one’s target savings into smaller chunks. For example, instead of looking at a car payment as being $400 per month for 5 years, one can think of it as a $24000 purchase. On the flip side, instead of thinking of the money required to retire in 20 years as $300,000, one can view it as saving around $1300 per month.

The next article titled “What If Financial Advice for Men Was More Like Financial Advice for Women?” parodies traditional financial advice aimed at women by showcasing how it would sound like if the same principles were used when advising men. The humorous tongue-in-cheek article ends up pointing out how financial advice for women often reeks of sexist viewpoints.

In the article “Why I Don’t Care About Our Home’s Market Value (Nor Should You)” by Best Wallet Hacks, the author Jim Wang explains that higher home values can drive up supplemental costs such as property taxes, can cause undisciplined homeowners to get tempted to leverage their investment and get into more debt in a booming property market, and even lead to homeowners getting caught up in the insidious trap of lifestyle inflation to keep up appearances.

The article “The Responsibility of Hope” by Emily Guy Birken comments on the bleak abdication of responsibility that is prevalent among the younger generation, who get overwhelmed with the pessimistic nature of national and world events and use them as an excuse to avoid planning for and securing their financial future.

The article “Being Easily Pleased is a Superpower” by Kristen, The Frugal Girl, advocates for trying to find the simple joys in life and not falling victim to the hedonistic treadmill that always keeps one wanting for more. In “7 Lies That Lead to a Cluttered Home”, the writer from Becoming Minimalist draws attention to 7 cognitive biases that can prevent one from fully embracing the minimalist lifestyle and enjoying its benefits.

In “Robinhood and the Gamification of Investing”, Nick Gallo talks about the way FinTech companies tweak their user experience to make it more intuitive, exciting, or visually appealing to get investors to spend more time in the app and, hopefully, invest more. The writer explains why these techniques are problematic and suggests ways on protecting oneself from manipulation.

Dr. Cory Fawcett, in the article titled “It Doesn’t Take Special Financial Knowledge to Become Wealthy”, recommends the fundamental changes that one can make to their lifestyle, investing, and spending habits to build long-term and generational wealth using the example of Gordon Elwood whose foundation has given away more than $4,000,000 in grants to the local community.

In “Make It Hard to Lose”, the writer Jesse Cramer explains how removing bad habits that affect one’s health, wisdom, and wealth from life can be the stepping stone toward being more successful in the grand scheme of things.

Finally, in the article “How I Create My Video Reviews for YouTube”, writer Kyle Burbank, who also runs the blog Money@30, shares tips on how he approaches the content creation challenge to craft FinTech product reviews that have netted him over 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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