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San Francisco, CA: The Balanced Atlas is a stand-out Chiropractic clinic in San Francisco that offers NUCCA treatment. This incredibly precise yet gentle procedure alleviates body pain by restoring proper alignment. The technique relieves numerous conditions, such as migraines, vertigo, neck pain, concussion, and ringing in the ears. With a decade of experience offering this specialized treatment, Dr. Harrison at The Balanced Atlas has become a trusted local Chiropractor for hundreds of patients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chronic pain can result from many things, from physical or emotional trauma to pregnancy and even normal aging. Unfortunately, even babies are at risk of developing such conditions. The Birth Injury Justice Center recently reported that 5% of yearly spinal cord injuries stem from a birth injury, with lasting consequences for an entire lifetime in some cases. While this is alarming, the NUCCA treatment offered at The Balanced Atlas can help reduce or even eliminate chronic pain for those suffering from such conditions and other issues.

Each treatment requires a detailed postural analysis and upper cervical x-rays to determine the specific needs and any structural imbalances that may be present. Through NUCCA, the Chiropractor can correct misalignments and restore the body’s balance. This precise form of treatment can help improve joint pain, posture, balance, stability, and more — not just for the elderly but for young patients and children.

“Brought a 4-month-old to Dr. Harrison for issues with sitting up and discomfort in the car seat. Dr. Harrison was so knowledgeable and personable, which calmed momma's nerves. The doctor has a whole setup for working with infants and walked through each step,” says a satisfied patient on Google reviews.

Post-adjustment measurements and x-ray images are taken after every NUCCA treatment to confirm the proper alignment of the spine, and to ensure that the patient is not at risk for further problems or injuries. This data also helps practitioners understand how to best adjust the body in the future if needed.

With zero side effects, no risk of injury or harm to the body, and precision that can improve the patient's health and well-being, The Balanced Atlas' NUCCA treatment is an ideal solution for all ages and stages of life.

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The Balanced Atlas is a leading local Chiropractic clinic offering NUCCA treatment in San Francisco. Founded by Dr. Allen Harrison in 2013, the clinic has become a trusted source of relief from chronic pain and several other health conditions. For more information, visit


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