Digital Asset & Crypto DAO Adds Prestigious New Member To Advisory Board

StandardDAO is pleased to welcome Gabrielle Sulzberger as an esteemed member of their advisory board. As an accomplished financial services executive with over 30 years in private equity and operating various successful ventures, Sulzberger will now lend a guiding presence to this budding blockchain-backed impact firm.

Sulzberger already helms a great deal of responsibility in her capacity as chair of multiple boards, including Teneo's global ESG practice, Ford Foundation, Mastercard, Credit Suisse, RFK Human Rights, Cerevel, Centerbridge, Lilly and Two Sigma Impact. Her experience in these roles makes her a synergistic fit to Standard DAO, especially given its ESG initiatives. StandardDAO's impact investing-centered objectives were among the factors that led Sulzberger to take a keen interest in their efforts. As part of their advisory board, she now has a better position from which to contribute her considerable expertise to their progress and the crypto space as a whole.

StandardDAO, as their name suggests, is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The group consists of a number of like-minded members who have no centralized leadership. As with many parties who are opening up to the possibilities afforded by cryptocurrencies as well as their associated technologies and offshoots, StandardDAO seeks to place themselves firmly on the cutting edge of solutions that could redefine the future of personal and community finance. The group’s founding members saw a requirement in the market that was not satisfactorily being addressed by any other party, and the overall pursuit of meeting this requirement was what now binds all its members together.

The problem in question was a lack of crypto backed by actual assets (and a meaningful partnership between the two). One of the prevailing criticisms of digital currencies is that they have no material value outside their own domain. At the moment, many argue that a cryptocurrency’s value is determined exclusively by demand, which raises concerns regarding the possibility of the bubble bursting at some point. With StandardDAO, this and all possible problems that may extend from it become an artifact of the past since the organization is expressly taking every action possible to bring real value back to currency by holding both real world and blockchain standard assets in its treasury.

StandardDAO has the distinction of being the first diversified treasury that holds what are known as Standard Assets. Each of these Standard Assets are represented by a Standard Digital Asset ($SDA) token, thereby providing asset-backed yields to its holders. Notably, StandardDAO is extremely careful with the type of assets they use for this purpose. To promote stability, each candidate for a Standard Asset has to fulfill three criteria before it is considered viable.

According to the organization, the primary features of a Standard Asset are staying power, a top position in a given vertical (by utility and/or market cap) and consistent growth as well as adoption over time. StandardDAO identifies an asset with staying power by its ability to remain viable during both bull and bear markets. In other words, such assets have a negligible, near-impossible likelihood of failure and so are excellent, stable long-term investments. Similarly, it must universally be considered valuable and draw in more investors as time goes on.

StandardDAO has a few central goals. The whole point of backing crypto with material assets, such as Gold, is to introduce the stability currently associated with more conventional markets to their digital counterparts. As such, StandardDAO seeks to build a robust and diversified treasury backed by a diversified basket of standard assets — providing stability over boom and bust cycles. Crucially, this stability must extend to every branch under the organization’s purview, from its partners to all asset types across verticals both in and out of the blockchain space. Many may be intrigued to learn that the DAO is accomplishing all of this by building upon, “unique economic and game-theory dynamics using staking and swapping initially released and brought to market by OlympusDAO,” as explained on their website.

“With many groups leading the impact space,” the organization states, “the choice for Standard was simple, seeing as it is the first to be a community-led store of value backed by a diversification of real-world impacts and assets. Each token is backed by ESG initiatives, including Housing, Technology, Carbon, Energy and Infrastructure. Standard asks bigger questions in order to enact change at scale as a community rather than the traditional corporatized model. It is no secret that the current frameworks DAOs and other crypto companies have to operate under are murky at best.”

They continue, “Standard is focused on being a voice in the regulatory sector and pioneering efforts to bridge the regulatory gap for projects and legislatures alike. Look for future releases that will help guide regulators and operators to a path where compliance is attainable for everyone.”

More information of this nature can be found on the organization’s official website as well. Those who wish to participate via staking or swapping (or who wish to learn more about these concepts) are welcome to direct their inquiries to Aaron Rafferty of StandardDAO.


For more information about StandardDAO, contact the company here:

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