Chicago Website Design SEO Company CEO Jack Lombardi Talks About the Impact of AI on SEO

Chicago, Illinois -

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), one of the city’s most highly rated digital marketing agencies, is revealing what the future holds for the industry and how businesses can capitalize on new opportunities.

CWDSC has been at the top of search engine keywords in Chicago for the past 12 years. The company, under the leadership of CEO Jack Lombardi, has weathered the storm of countless search engine algorithm updates and helped its clients succeed through the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. Now, Jack is sharing his insights, backed up by years of experience, on where the industry might be headed with the recent influx of brand-new technological breakthroughs, especially AI.

Jack says, “Unless you have been living under a rock, you have definitely heard of or you may have even used ChatGPT in the last month or so. It is the fastest-growing consumer app in history, reaching a record 100 million users in just two months. This tremendous growth indicates nothing less than a sea change in how people will use the internet henceforth. There are scary ramifications for the SEO industry as advertising itself may have to change to accommodate how internet users find and get their information. However, while some might fear it, here at Chicago Website Design SEO Company, we welcome the challenge and are ready to help our clients thrive in this new paradigm. SEO is about to change and, whatever may be in store, CWDSC will be on the front lines delivering the same rock-solid results that we have been always known for.”

CWDSC began operations in Chicago in 2008. Today, in addition to its home base in the Windy City, the SEO agency has branches in 7 cities across the country and serves clients in 76 locations. CWDSC manages over 300k in monthly AdWords campaigns and hosts over 500 websites for clients, all with a small team of specialized SEO experts with decades of combined experience.

CWDSC’s range of SEO services includes lead generation, SEO audits, local SEO, national SEO, Google listing SEO, press release optimization, product feed optimization, search engine marketing, Yelp listing optimization, YouTube marketing, backlinking, PPC advertising, content creation, competition analysis, conversion optimization, keyword analysis, reputation management, existing website revamps, eCommerce websites, web hosting, graphic design including logo creation, on-page SEO, email marketing and retargeting, call tracking, responsive website design including mobile websites, and much more.

Jack Lombardi and his team have demonstrated their ability to help all kinds of clients such as individual creatives who want their own small web presence, entrepreneurs testing out ideas, small businesses trying to stand out among the local competition, contractors working in a variety of trades, and even large multinational corporations that run high volume eCommerce stores generating millions of dollars in revenue. No job is too big or too small for CWDSC to handle.

The company’s clients have repeatedly recommended Jack and his team in dozens of testimonials on its Google Business Profile. The company has a perfect overall rating of 5.0 out of 5.0 from 60 reviews with reviews praising its technical SEO capabilities, reliable customer service, and flexible service packages.

The most recent review says, “This is a company that cares that me, and the company I work for, succeed and there isn't a focus on us spending money, which I love. I will definitely be coming back to them in the future as I really appreciated the way Jack treated me and handled my concerns/issues. Definitely going to get my recommendation to others when applicable.” Another satisfied customer writes, “Want a taste of a job done to a professional level? Choose Chicago Website Design SEO company and experience the best in the industry. My SEO is now working for me and my conversion rate is higher than ever.”

Chicago residents can contact CWDSC at (312) 448-8310 to set up an appointment. Readers are also urged to keep up with news and announcements from the SEO agency by following the CWDSC press room.


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