Cedar Park Premier Dentistry Offers Invisalign

Cedar Park Premier Dentistry provides advanced dental technology. This dentistry offers a discreet, virtually invisible way to straighten teeth—invisalign®.

“If you have moderate to severe bite misalignment but do not like the idea of wearing braces, you may be an ideal candidate for Invisalign,” explains Dentist, Dr. Dale Williams, owner of Cedar Park Dentistry. “Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth, so you can improve your bite and smile without attracting attention at work, with friends or in any face-to-face interaction.”

Cedar Park Premier Dentistry invisalign

Invisalign offers a comfortable and effective way to address bite issues including gaps, crooked presentation, overbite, underbite and crossbite. All of these come with the added benefit of invisibility, which appeals most to adults and older teens. This market is also the best market for Invisalign, as they have set jaws, which can be hard to change with braces.

Other benefits of Invisalign are that they are virtually undetectable, comfortable, there’s no change in dietary restrictions, there’s no interference with dental hygiene and teeth cleaning, and they have a much shorter treatment period than braces.

If a malocclusion (bite misalignment) is minor, Cedar Park Dentistry also offers “instant orthodontics” which uses porcelain veneers as opposed to Invisalign. Porcelain veneers are capable of concealing crooked, misshapen and overlapping teeth, but are not well suited for certain more intense cases of malocclusion.

Cedar Park Premier Dentistry Invisalign uses clear, removable, plastic aligners to straighten teeth. As part of planning the treatment process, Cedar Park Dentistry determines how teeth need to move in order to produce the final result. Based on how teeth need to move, a certain number of aligner trays are custom made for each patient.

Patients wear each aligner in the series for a certain number of weeks before transitioning to the next one. To stay on track and to achieve the results planned for, they must wear the aligner for at least 22 hours a day, removing it only to eat, brush, floss or drink beverages.

After wearing all the aligners, a patient’s teeth will become straight over time. Besides looking nice, straight teeth have many other benefits. A smile makes people feel better about themselves and can improve feelings of self-esteem. Straight teeth also help with the ability to chew and to speak.

When teeth are aligned and straight the upper and lower jaws come together correctly, which reduces chances for Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TJM) symptoms, which include difficulty chewing and face and jaw pain. Other symptoms include jaw and facial muscle fatigue. Straight teeth are also easier to brush and floss.

For younger mouths, Dr. William usually recommends braces because the jaw has yet to fully solidify. For adults, Invisalign Invisalign may be faster than with braces, although treatment times may also be similar.

Dr. Williams offers free Invisalign consultation to help potential Invisalign candidates understand what works best for them. With his expertise he can help determine the right treatment and length.

Besides Invisalign, Cedar Park Premier Dentistry also offers other dentistry services including gum disease treatment, pediatric dentistry, white fillings, root canals, veneers, implants, smile makeovers, and regular checkups and cleanings.

“The ladies here never disappoint and always give the best service there is around,” says Corey, a patient at Cedar Park Premier Dentistry. “I’m always happy to see them and I wouldn’t dream of going to any other dentist office. No matter where I move to I’ll always go out of my way to go to their office. They genuinely care about their patients and always make sure you are comfortable.”

Cedar Park Premier Dentistry is a small neighborhood dentistry practice located in Cedar Park, Texas. The dentistry offers a variety of services and is owned by Dr. Dale Williams, the senior dentist, who has been delivering high level dental care to patients for over 30 years. Cedar Park’s dentist, Dr. Tiffany Kondoff, is a native to Cedar Park and completed her education in dentistry at the University of Texas Health Science center in San Antonio.

For more information, contact Dr. Williams at (512) 598-8973 or by email at, info@cedarparkdental.com.


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