Catalina Behavioral Health Discusses Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Coverage and More in New Resources

Catalina Behavioral Health, a behavioral health treatment facility in Tucson, AZ, has released three new resources for people interested in addiction treatment. The first resource is focused on using BCBS insurance policies for rehab. The second article takes a look at rehab facilities that accept GEHA insurance, which covers most federal employees. The third resource focuses on rehabs that accept UnitedHealthcare insurance.

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is an insurance provider that covers various kinds of addiction treatment services. Not only does this insurance cover substance abuse treatment, but it also covers regular medical visits and treatments, both physical and mental, across the country. There is no specific list of all the treatment facilities covered by BCBS. However, a significant number of rehab services can be covered by BCBS. It depends on the kind of policy and coverage that is carried. A BCBS policy has the potential to cover the entire medical bills for substance abuse treatment, but this will depend on the policy. The best way to be certain about the actual coverage is to contact the rehab center directly. At Catalina, the admissions staff can be requested to verify if the plan is accepted.

Catalina Behavioral Health proudly accepts most forms of Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab coverage

Catalina Behavioral Health accepts BCBS insurance coverage regardless of the particulars of the plan and the origin of the patient’s coverage. They are ready to provide help to clients from all walks of life get on the road to recovery and offer a transparent breakdown of all of the services they will provide to a specific individual at their facilities.

Meanwhile, addiction treatment for federal employees with GEHA insurance is also possible in Arizona. Some of the GEHA insurance alternatives include high-deductible health plans, high plans, and basic plans. But it is important to note that the extent to which specific medical costs are covered can vary widely. Most, if not all, costs related to addiction treatment programs or services are usually covered by the standard and high GEHA plans. Such plans provide low or nonexistent copayments and coinsurance. Furthermore, the percentage of patients who can get financial help from insurance is expected to be higher for in-network addiction programs, in contrast to those that are outside the network. GEHA coverage plans usually offer coverage for common treatments and services, including: one-on-one counseling; cognitive behavioral therapy; family therapy; drug abuse and mental disorder diagnosis; laboratory diagnostics testing; drug testing; medication assisted treatment (MAT); the detox portion of treatment; and dual diagnosis treatment.

With regards to UnitedHealthCare (UHC), this particular insurance often covers addiction treatment and other types of substance misuse therapy. However, the specific details might differ depending on the patient’s coverage plan, the UHC member’s region, and the chosen provider. UHC offers healthcare insurance in all 50 states and over 130 countries. Catalina Behavioral Health can provide assistance in finding out what coverage is available for each particular patient. Catalina accepts UHC insurance and understands that sometimes the specifics of each particular plan may not be clear, and they can help clear up the details for each patient.

Catalina Behavioral Health is focused on being one of the leading addiction treatment facilities in Arizona and this is supported by some of the most effective methods of treating addiction to drugs or alcohol. For example, they can help patients deal with withdrawal symptoms by utilizing a comprehensive treatment program that minimizes the risk of a relapse. They provide different kinds of therapy, including: motivational enhancement therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy; dialectical behavior therapy; biofeedback treatment; experiential therapy; psychodynamic therapy; and holistic therapy. The key types of drug and alcohol rehab programs provided are: inpatient or residential treatment programs and outpatient drug rehab programs. The outpatient programs are offered in three levels: partial hospitalization programs, outpatient services, and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs).

Those who would like to know more about insurance coverage for treatment provided by rehab facilities, also among rehabs that accept UHC plans, can visit the Catalina Behavioral Health website or contact them through the phone or via email. Those seeking immediate detox or other forms of treatment are encouraged to reach out by phone to their Admissions team.


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