Castro Shipping Store Added to San Francisco’s Legacy Business Registry

LGBTQ+ Owned Shipping Business

Photo: P.O. Plus owner Steve Martel. | Credit: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

San Francisco, Calif. — Last month, the San Francisco Small Business Commission added P.O. Plus, a Castro shipping store, to the city's Legacy Business Registry. Out of the 320 small businesses currently registered, P.O Plus is the first postal and shipping store to make the list.

P.O. Plus was founded in 1982 by JD Larson and is one of the oldest gay-owned and operated businesses still running in the neighborhood today. Paul Moffett took over P.O. Plus in 1994 and ran the store until 2016 when he sold it to its current owner, Steve Martel. "I feel like this business has given back to the community and the community has given back to us. That's why we've been able to thrive for 40 years," stated Martel in an interview for Hoodline, a provider of daily news in the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose area. Martel also stated that he is honored and proud to have P.O. Plus listed on the Legacy Business Program registry.

As stated on The Legacy Business Program website, the program was established in 2015 and “recognizes and preserves longstanding, community-serving businesses. Through the Legacy Business Registry, the Program certifies businesses that have operated in San Francisco for 30 years or longer and have contributed to San Francisco’s history and identity. Legacy Businesses serve as valuable cultural assets of the city; they are the bedrock of local neighborhoods and a draw for tourists from around the world.”

To be registered as a Legacy Business in San Francisco, the following steps must be completed: being nominated by either the mayor or a member of the Board of Supervisors, filling out an application, receiving an advisory recommendation from the Historic Preservation Commission, and finally having the business approved by the Small Business Commission.

District 8 Supervisor, Rafael Mandelman, wrote a letter of support for P.O. Plus to be registered as a Legacy Business stating that “given P.O. Plus’ enduring presence in the Castro and their commitment to providing quality, community-oriented services, I strongly believe that they would benefit from being a part of San Francisco’s Legacy Business Registry.”

From mailbox rentals to package receiving, PO Plus is proud to be a go-to resource for all packing and shipping needs in their San Francisco community. For more information about PO Plus or any services they offer, call PO Plus today at (415) 864-5888 or visit their website at 


For more information about PO Plus, contact the company here:

PO Plus
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