Car Fragrance Diffuser Manufacturer AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. Announces Launch of Drive Time® Brand Website

Pflugerville, Texas -

AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc. has announced the launch of its Drive Time® wholesale website for its popular brand of fragrance diffusers for the travel fragrance market.

DriveTime®’s new website gives visitors an overview of the aromatherapy brand’s several different diffuser products and fragrances. There is also a "who we are" page that details the origins of DriveTime® and its 25-year-long journey thus far to become the multinational leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of white-label and private-brand fragrance diffusion devices that it is today.

Visitors who are interested in finding out more about DriveTime® as a company will also find a lot of helpful information on the new website including a statement about its commitment to sustainability, a list of pending and approved product patents that it currently holds, and links to its latest press releases and media announcements.

For wholesalers who are interested in selling DriveTime® products, the new website links to an inquiry form that can be filled out and submitted online. Once registered as an official partner, retailers can access the wholesale shop using a login link. Customers who wish to purchase DriveTime® products individually can head over to any of the online retailers linked from the website’s home page including Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and The Gift of Scent fragrance store.

DriveTime® invented and brought to market the first 12-Volt Car Diffuser in May 1997 in Fairfield, Iowa. 9 months later, in February 1998, their innovation caught the attention of the local media when the company’s product and story were featured in The Fairfield Ledger. Soon, DriveTime® was thrust into the national limelight as its products resonated with Americans who appreciated their utility, ease of use, and sustainability.

Jeffrey Smith, one of the co-founders of DriveTime®, talks about the company’s robust lineup of fragrance diffusers by saying, “We went through at least a dozen prototypes and even more product design and packaging mockups while creating the first 12-Volt Car Diffuser. Though we got significant local traction, selling over 1500 units to Fairfield retailers over the first 9 months, we hit many roadblocks in our entrepreneurial journey. It was tough for several years. However, the belief that we had in the impeccable design of our products never faltered. By the year 2000, we had the support of a major national retailer who asked us to explore the concept of portable and home-based diffusers further. The rest, as they say, is history.”

DriveTime®’s range of fragrance diffusers for cars includes the Power Fresh® 12-Volt Car Air Freshener, the Power Fresh® Portable Air Freshener, the Truck Puck® Portable Automobile Air Freshener, the Aromables® Vent Clip Air Freshener, the DriveTime® Power 12-Volt Car Air Freshener, and the DriveTime® Wheel Spinner Vent Clip Air Freshener.

The company offers fragrances in several different categories based on their origins and the emotions they evoke. This includes Fresh fragrances such as Citrus Sky, Cottony Fresh, Knock-Out Punch, Speedway, and Watermint, Floral fragrances such as Freesia, Sparkle, Not Sweat, and Suck It Up, Princess, Woodsy fragrances such as Campfire Nights, Ebony Forest, High Range Cedar, and Tillin’ & Chillin’, and Exclusive Essential Oil Blends such as Alertness A-Go-Go, Energy 2.0, and Rejuvenation Station.

The other co-founder of the Drive Time fragrance company Monica Hadley, who is also the current CFO of its parent company AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc., talks about the launch of the new website by saying, “We started from humble origins and have seen meteoric growth over the last two decades due to the overwhelming love and support that we have received from our customers. Today, we employ over 100 people in staff positions and on our manufacturing lines at 6 operating locations globally. Since we have such a large inventory of products, we needed a way to make it easily accessible to our many retailers. With the launch of our new website, we have provided wholesalers with a convenient online portal to place and track orders. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ on the website or send them to us using the wholesale inquiry form.”


For more information about AERON Lifestyle Technology, Inc., contact the company here:

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