Builder Lead Converter: How To Grow Sales Revenue During Home Builder Labor Shortages

Prior Lake, MN based Builder Lead Converter is reaching out to remodelers and home builders across the USA to explain how they can grow sales revenue despite the current supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. To learn more about Builder Lead Converter, interested parties should visit their Wordpress platform.

Rick Storlie from Builder Lead Converter says, “During this continuing pandemic, the challenge for remodelers and home builders across the country remains the same: supply chain disruptions and labor shortages. Given how bad these issues have gotten, many home builders are having a lot of trouble maintaining any sort of growth. On top of this, production cycles are not getting any shorter, and this means it is nearly impossible to sell more projects and homes. Naturally, every business owner is wondering how they can grow their revenue while selling the same amount of — or fewer — units.”

Builder Lead Converter has launched a new web series called Conversations that Convert. They recommend one of their recent episodes, titled ‘How to Grow Sales Revenue with Limited Trade Partners & Staffing,’ as it explores a number of the challenges businesses have to deal with today and what strategies they can employ to nullify the worst effects. The agency adds, however, that nullification should be considered a temporary goal since there are many opportunities a shrewd business can use to actively fuel their growth.

One of the key aspects they cover is why growing a company today is a dramatically different endeavor when compared to how it was even just a few years ago. Even setting aside the issues plaguing home builders as a direct result of the pandemic, there have never been so many external forces limiting unit growth. On top of this, the episode also delves into how in this climate, selling the wrong projects to the wrong clients has never been more detrimental, and a single mistake can ruin a business’ entire year. Crucially, the episode also offers advice that can help businesses avoid making that critical mistake.

Further topics being discussed include the three elements that keep home builders and remodelers from growing average job revenue and profitability, the fastest way to streamline product offerings and more. Since the best businesses are actively looking for a way to set themselves apart from the competition, the agency also seeks to help their audience determine what they want to be known for in their respective communities.

Storlie says, “We want to help you get started by looking closely at your current marketing efforts. If you are interested in learning more about the many strategies you can employ to grow your company’s sales revenue without adding staff or trading partners, along with a number of other tips, you should watch our Conversations that Convert episode on the topic. In this series, we discuss a lot of things that should help expand your knowledge base of what is possible when it comes to creating success from this challenging market.” Learn more on the agency’s Tumblr page.

Builder Lead Converter provides a number of different services, including lead magnets, follow-ups, appointment bookings, pipeline management, online reputation management and more. Storlie says, “The unfortunate truth is that you can’t do it all yourself. Your salespeople can’t either. That is where we come in. Builder Lead Converter is the perfect sales assistant for every salesperson in your home building or remodeling company. Let us do the grunt work of bringing in new opportunities and reactivating cold Leads. We will follow-up until leads ‘buy or die.’ We will take care of everything so that you can focus on the key day-to-day aspects of your business.”

Builder Lead Converter is dedicated to helping home builders and remodelers get started on tackling the many challenges they may face in the modern landscape of the construction industry. Those interested in learning how the company can support their efforts are encouraged to get in touch with the Builder Lead Converter’s representatives via the contact form on their website. Alternatively, they may contact Rick Storlie directly. They can also learn more about the company on Evernote.


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