Aviation Marketing Firm ABCI Launches New Website For Airline Software Company eTT Aviation

Aviation marketing firm ABCI has announced the launch of a new website it developed for airline software company eTT Aviation.

Founded in 2002 as eTripTrader, eTT Aviation offers a comprehensive Aviation Resource Management (ARM) software solution. eTT Aviation’s suite of cloud-based software solutions includes crew management, flight planning, and drone operations. With over two decades of experience, eTT Aviation’s software today serves tens of thousands of United Airlines pilots and flight attendants.

“When we were approached by a client as well-known and respected as eTT Aviation, a company with a stellar history of delivery high quality and reliable software solutions to the aviation industry,” says Paula Williams, the President of ABCI, “we knew that our work was cut out for us. To make sure that eTT Aviation can fully express its value proposition to its customers, we aimed to create a streamlined and detail-rich website design that embodied everything that the company stood for and gave its customers a seamless peek into everything it has to offer. In the end, the team at eTT was a great pleasure to work with. They are very precise and detailed but also great collaborators and fun team members on this project!"

The newly launched website gives visitors easily accessible links to all of the company’s well-recognized software solutions including its airline crew scheduling software SkedFlex Flight & Crew Management System, SkedFlex Management Information System for Aviation (MISA), SkedFlex Flight Planning, Crew Companion, and SkedFlex Vertical LAANC Application. The website also presents a list of the big-name clients that eTT Aviation has served over the years including AirDialog, Airpac Airlines, WMA, Asia Pacific, Aquiline Drones, and more.

Visitors are also greeted with a short summary of the company’s history on the home page alongside a video where CEO Tom LaJoie explains the inspiration behind starting and growing it. Further details about the company’s core values, the work it has done over the years, the accolades it has received, and the people who have made the company what it is today are available to browse through on the website’s About Us page.

Tom LaJoie reacted to the website built by ABCI by saying, "The website looks fantastic. You really made the video come to life as well. This updated web presence gives us the platform we need to continue our mission of improving the quality of life for aviation professionals across the country."

Regarded by its clients as the top aviation marketing company, ACBI works with a wide range of clients in the industry including MROs, flight schools, FBOs, suppliers, brokers, appraisers, service providers, startups, and others. The range of services offered by ACBI includes strategy and planning, branding, information architecture that is optimized for its clients’ sales processes, website design, graphics, content development, email marketing, trade shows, search engine optimization, hosting and security, 24-hour downtime response, ongoing development & improvement, and more.

ACBI’s services have been recognized and applauded by several of its clients in dozens of testimonials. Brad McAllister from AirIT commends Paula’s work by saying, “Paula is an incisive speaker who demonstrates proficient knowledge in both aviation business and electronic marketing. She is engaging, articulate, and most importantly, she is genuine. I look forward to working with Paula in the future and continuing to learn from her how to best utilize the time and effort I put into my social media initiatives.”

Scott Patton from AeroStar Training Services says, “Having Paula Williams and TurboMarketing as our Marketing partner has proven to be the single most powerful strategic partnership that AeroStar Training Services could have entered into. Paula’s marketing skills and strategies have yielded tremendous returns for AeroStar in the A320 and B-737 NG-type rating training market. I would highly recommend Paula Williams and TurboMarketing to take your aviation company to a higher flight level!”

Readers can visit the eTT Aviation website to check out ABCI’s work or head over to ABCI’s website for a deep dive into all the aviation marketing services it offers.


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