Austin Tenant Advisors Explains the Importance of Having a Commercial Real Estate Broker

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Austin Tenant Advisors is a Texas commercial real estate agency that exclusively focuses on helping tenants find and negotiate warehouse, retail, and office space for rent in Austin Texas. It’s a free service that has become very popular among businesses to use. This is because the company is well-known for ensuring clients avoid mistakes while searching for rental spaces, finding a space that perfectly fits their needs, and then making sure they get the best deal possible for that space. It’s something that the company owner, Nathan K Smith, says that they do all the time for their clientele, and it also demonstrates why it’s so important for businesses to have a Commercial Real Estate Broker by their side when they are searching for Austin, TX rental properties. The owner of this Austin commercial real estate company explained, “The City of Austin is a great place for businesses to be for many reasons. One of them is that it offers companies of all sizes and sole proprietors a variety of options when it comes to finding rental spaces for their businesses. But finding the right rental location for a business can be a daunting task for companies that are not plugged into the wide variety of commercial rental resources that we have access to. That’s why businesses that want to find the perfect fit for their new location often seek help from commercial real estate specialists such as us.”

Smith went on to discuss the many benefits of a business having a commercial real estate broker when searching for a new office, retail, or warehouse space to lease. Something he says starts with a business knowing that they will be working with a commercial real estate broker that has their best interest in mind and not that of a landlord. He also emphasized that commercial real estate brokers such as them possess a keen insight into the local real estate market. This includes knowing what locations work best for certain types of businesses, available properties in those locations, and what the current lease price is for the square footage of the commercial spaces in those areas. Austin Tenant Advisors owner also mentioned that they have access to all the commercial listings in their area. This includes some that most businesses searching for a new space on their own will not have access to. He also talked about their track record when it comes to negotiating the best possible deal for a new office, retail, or warehouse space to lease and how they have had great success finding spaces that are a perfect fit for a business. They also have long-established connections with architects, contractors, and lenders in the area that can help make a commercial property lease even more appealing. He pointed out that when all the above-mentioned benefits of a business having a commercial real estate broker when searching for a new space are added together, it often means that a business can save a significant amount of time when searching for a new office, retail, or warehouse space to lease. Other skills to look for in a commercial real estate broker include experience. This is something that Austin Tenant Advisors' 16 years in the business has got well covered. More about the benefits of being assisted by a commercial real estate broker when looking for a property can be seen here on this company blog at

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Those that have sought commercial property finding help from Austin Tenant Advisors often leave reviews that reflect a very positive experience. Rebecca Bernhardt stated, “Nathan is just a great realtor. He helped us find a space that is more affordable than our previous office, closer to where we all live and was also a bigger office. He understood our needs and helped us meet them. I highly recommend him to help in a search for a new space in Austin.” Joaquin Madruga proclaimed, “I worked with Nathan to find a sublease for a new office in Austin. He found multiple locations for us and helped guide me through everything I needed to close on a great space quickly. His company exceeded my expectations and made me look good to the higher-ups in my corporate office. I'll definitely use him again when we look to expand into new space.” Businesses that would like more information about this commercial real estate broker Austin TX can get in touch with them by phone, email, or website contact form.


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