Amescorp Highlights Growing Trend of the Use of Granny Flats as a Lucrative Investment Opportunity

Amescorp, a company based in Glendenning NSW, Australia, wants to highlight the growing trend of building a granny flat as a lucrative investment opportunity. It is important to note that a granny flat is different from an extension that is used to add floor space to an existing home or on one’s own property. A granny flat is a separate building from the home in contrast to an extension, which adds to it. Even if the granny flat is attached to the home, sharing a wall with the main home, it can’t have an adjoining door to ensure that it is separate.

According to an article in The Guardian, “There is a surging rental crisis in Sydney, where renters have faced an 11% increase in the past year, according to data from CoreLogic. And with vacancy rates across the country averaging just 1.2% across all capital cities, it has left many extremely anxious about the prospect of trying to find appropriate housing.”

In addition, changes to the first home buyers' incentive schemes in Australia have been contributing to the unprecedented growing rental crisis in Sydney. Previously an attractive solution for many people wanting to own a home, these schemes are no longer as beneficial or attractive as they previously were. The result is that more people are being forced to continue to be renters, putting more pressure on the low housing supply.

There are several reasons to invest in a granny flat in Sydney. First of all, for a building that has relatively low construction costs, it offers significantly high rental yields and return on investment (ROI). Second, they are flexible and versatile since they can be customized to suit a number of purposes, such as a studio space, a home office, or housing for aging relatives. Third, there is a strong demand for affordable housing in Sydney due to its growing population and granny flats can serve as the ideal solution by offering cost-effective living spaces for renters in Sydney. Fourth, a large number of seniors in Sydney are in search of smaller living spaces with low maintenance requirements. Granny flats fit these needs to a tee, which adds to the growing demand for this kind of living space.

On the other hand, this rental crisis in Sydney is a unique chance for shrewd investors to benefit from the huge demand in rental units. Through investments in alternative housing solutions, such as granny flats, investors can do their part in solving the housing shortage while also benefiting from the huge ROIs. Granny flats provide a practical and cost-effective solution to the rental crisis. They are attractive living spaces for a broad range of tenants, such as elderly parents, young professionals, and growing families.

Meanwhile, it is important to find a reliable builder of granny flats in Sydney, such as Amescorp. A spokesperson for Amescorp says, “Whether your granny flat in Sydney or Central Coast needs 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms we’ll ensure you feel delighted when you see the end product. As an area that’s notoriously pricey when it comes to purchasing new property, Sydney & the Central Coast are cities where installing a granny flat can help you save money. While making sure each solution is cost-friendly, our granny flat builders in Sydney & the Central Coast won’t compromise on quality.”

Founded in 2012, Amescorp is a second-generation family-owned business offering a full “concept to completion” building and construction solution for the residential, commercial, and civil markets. Their specialties are in granny flats, single/double storey housing, construction, residential, commercial & civil, office buildings, custom architectural plans, high rise residential, project management, duplex homes, and material selections. They are committed to providing building excellence from granny flats to high rise buildings in Sydney, Canberra, and all over New South Wales.

When looking for a granny flat builder Sydney residents can check out the Amescorp website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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