Akron Ohio Waterproofing Company Wise Waterproofing Is Offering Sump Pump Repair Services

Akron Ohio waterproofing company Wise Waterproofing has published a blog post that explains how a sump pump works and espouses the benefits of having one installed on a property.

Sump Pumps pump rain, storm, and snow water away from a basement floor and foundation to protect their strength and structural integrity. It is yet another way that homeowners and commercial property owners can ensure that their property is free from flooding on top of existing basement waterproofing systems. Sump pumps have many benefits such as preventing basement flooding, removing condensation and humidity, reducing mold & mildew build-up, improving air quality, and carrying water away from the foundation.

sump pump diagram

DJ Wise, the owner of Wise Waterproofing, makes a case for why it is the best company to help Akron residents install or repair a sump pump by saying, “I run this company along with my dear friend Jeff Craig who has been with me since the start of this amazing journey. Even before we began operations we had a clear motto for how we wanted to run our company – to treat our customers like family. Consequently, customer service is our number one priority. We pull out all the stops to ensure that our residential clients have no reason to complain when we are done with their site. We will graciously listen to all of your work requirements and get a clear idea of your waterproofing goals. We have years of experience serving Akron, Ohio clients and we are intimately familiar with the lay of the land. Our expertise extends beyond just installing high-quality basement waterproofing hardware as we are also cognizant of other factors that affect waterproofing such as building materials, local architecture, climate, soil types and soil conditions, and many more. When you come to us to alleviate your waterproofing concerns, you are getting the best, most highly-trained technicians in the industry to help waterproof your property. So if you are looking for the best sump pump repair company near you in Akron, Ohio, you cannot go wrong by contacting Wise Waterproofing.”

A sump pump is installed at the lowest point in a basement. This is achieved by creating a gentle slope on the basement floor or by installing a drain that is incorporated into the basement’s waterproofing system. When the ideal spot for the sump pump is identified, a 2 feet deep pit called a sump pit is dug beneath the concrete floor of the basement and the sump pump is installed at the bottom of the pit. When the draining water reaches the pump’s float, it activates. The water gets discharged into a downspout line that carries the water far away from the house so that it doesn’t cycle back next to it and seep into the foundations next to the walls of the basement. Some sump pumps, like those installed by the experts at Wise Waterproofing, come with battery backup units to ensure that it is always reliable even in the event of a power failure.

DJ Wise then talks about easy preliminary ways in which homeowners can troubleshoot problems with a sump pump by saying, “Your first task should be to check whether the float rises with the water when it collects in the sump pit. You can even pour some water down the pit yourself to check whether the pump activates. Next, check the sump pump for debris. Loose items can prevent the float from working properly. Make sure to test the check valve and clean the impeller by disassembling the pump. Finally, ensure that the sump pump is receiving power at all times. This is especially applicable if your unit does not have a battery backup unit to keep it running in case of a power failure. If none of these techniques work, you can always call us to take a look at your home’s sump pump installation.”

Wise Waterproofing can be contacted at the phone number (330) 423-1153 or the email address dwise@wisewaterproofingsystems.com. Readers can also follow the Wise Waterproofing Facebook page to keep up with the company’s news and announcements.


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