How to Get Social Media Fame: the Story Behind Grandpa Willie Earl

Without question, the effect of influencer marketing on consumers' purchase decisions is genuine. Influencers are trusted as 'industry experts,' but by providing knowledge and insights in a particular manner, customers regard them more as peers.

However, underneath the role's gloss and glamour lie several subtle undertones. So, we question, what is it like to be an influencer in reality? We ask Grandpa Willie Earl. Grandpa Willie Comedy is most known for being a vibrant, humorous old man. He is frequently observed in public dancing, rushing, falling, and uttering his famous catchphrase, "Had to get my glory right quick."

So, who is Grandpa Willie's creator, and what is his story?

Anthony Mitchell, who likes to be referred to on social media as "Andrew" or "Drew," is a 28-year-old man from Baltimore Maryland. He portrays Grandpa Willie Earl, a 77-year-old Internet celebrity who has gone viral. His goal is to spread happiness, light, love, and optimism through social media by creating highly engaging and viral comedic material.

Soon after graduating from Milford Mill Academy where he obtained his high school diploma, he attended the Los Angeles film school concentrating on film science. Attending the Los Angeles film school fueled Anthony's enthusiasm for the entertainment sector, in which he can now utilize his film, production, and content writing talents.

He had been experimenting with various social media niches for about a decade before releasing his first-ever viral video with over 5.4 million views in 2020. As DrewElegance, he produced beauty-related material on Instagram and YouTube, where he amassed a following of over 10,000. As a Beauty influencer, Anthony has done makeup services and worked on a set with Social Media Star and famous comic Jess Hilarious.

After a time, he lost interest in the beauty industry and began creating material as an elderly guy. His brother Carl Joseph started with him as the pretend grandchild, going to various public areas to capture footage and get the reactions of several passersby. Carl Has played a major part in Anthony's success as he never hesitated to pick up the camera, ready to film whenever Anthony was ready. Anthony's success and career is supported by many friends and family. Some of his biggest supporters Ann (Mom) Nataline (Aunt) Varshay (Friend) Bianka (Best friend) Kantori (Sister) and many others continue to push Anthony to the best of his ability. They never fail to let him know how happy they are of him and are always rooting for him.

Since then, several of Anthony's favorite gospel artists and social media stars, like Norman Freeman, Cece Winans, Kierra Sheard, Tye Tribbett, James fortune, Leandria Johnson, Isaac Carree, etc., have recognized him. He has also been published on several major sites, including Shaderoom Dancers, Clips, etc. He was also included on gospel icon James Fortune's YouTube-hosted live talent. Anthony dreams and hopes to one day feature on a Netflix special and to be recognized by Tyler Perry. Anthony always knew he was destined for the entertainment industry as he grew up singing on stage all of his life. Anthony grew up ministering gospel music as a praise and worship singer and leader at Columbia community church in Columbia maryland, where he was led by Pastor Reginal and Juanita Elliott. Anthony traveled different parts of the United States, touching the hearts of many people through his singing and worship leading abilities.

He expanded his following on TikTok @grandpawillieearl to over 319K in less than a year thanks to his hashtag #grandpawillieearl and garnered over 10.2 million views. He presently has nine videos with over one million views, which continues to climb. On his website,, he sells t-shirts, masks, bottles, hoodies, and sweatshirts, among other items. You can also find Grandpa Willie on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

But before he reached the pinnacle of his career, our lovable and hilarious grandpa Willie Earl had to overcome obstacles typical for anyone aspiring to social media fame.

Anthony had to battle a great deal of demoralizing hatred and hostility on social media. Not from a large number, but from a few detractors who did not find the stuff he was making amusing and found it insulting. He had to reflect on himself and recognize that to pursue a job as a full-time social media star, influencer, and public figure, he needed thick skin and a strong mentality.

At times, the internet may be a dangerous place. When he initially began to become viral, he had to try his best to disregard the bad feedback and accept that there would always be people who liked and despised anything he did.

Despite the hostility, he had to continue pushing forward and delivering. He also had to overcome the fear of being irrelevant. He never desires to be a one-hit-wonder with only five minutes of fame.

Frequently, social media algorithms may not work in your favor, and not every video will become viral. It took Anthony some time to realize this, as he would become disheartened when particular films did not receive as much interaction as he had planned.

Many of Anthony's admirers have informed him that when they are having a terrible day or are at their lowest, they turn to his content for a good chuckle, which turns their day around. He enjoys being tagged in videos of little children doing the Grandpa Willie dance and voice. Knowing that his effect is significant enough for children to appreciate offers him happiness.

Anthony says one of his most heartwarming social media experiences occurred when an admirer told him that he was an agnostic and that Grandpa Willie was the only spiritual figure he routinely watched. Anthony sobbed at that time because this was the point of everything to him.

His content creates information that benefits others in many ways or provides individuals with a new perspective on life. Another one of his favorite moments was when James Fortune and Isaac Carree recognized him. According to Isaac Carree, Grandpa Willie is a praising machine as Grandpa Willie is renowned for praising, yelling, and dancing everywhere, at any time, in the middle of any scenario.

There is much more to being an influencer than snapping pictures of oneself, wearing fine clothing, and putting advertisements on social media. The position needs commitment, effort, hard work, business acumen, and social media savvy.

Success does not occur instantly. For your platforms to help you financially, you must create good content, which might take years--but it can become a full time career. Are you prepared to become a social media celebrity?

There is no simple answer to the issue of how to become influential, and it may take months of hard effort and perseverance before you begin to see benefits. The goal is to identify your distinctive voice and use it to develop a particular influencer image for yourself. Determine the optimal niche and distribution channel for your business.

In addition, anybody with the slightest understanding of becoming an influencer would emphasize the need to provide authentic, audience-appealing material. Maintaining a personal relationship with your fans is also essential. Only then will you be able to establish a devoted and engaged fan audience.

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