How Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes promotes self-healing and increased performance among elite athletes

Being an elite athlete requires expert skill, grit, perseverance, and mental clarity. Not everyone can naturally thrive under such intense levels of competition. Doing so requires a next-level combination of focus and commitment. Matt Fitzgerald said it best in his book, How Bad Do You Want It? Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle:

"The best source of knowledge concerning the most effective methods of coping with the challenges of endurance sports is the example set by elite endurance athletes. The methods that the greatest athletes rely on to overcome the toughest and most common mental barriers to better performance are practically by definition the most effective coping methods for all athletes."

Rachel Reinhart Taylor M.D. created her Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes course to teach athletes how to harness and optimize the human body's natural intuitive processes to achieve optimal physical performance. In a nutshell, the course aims to tap into the human body's biological mechanisms and make it work for them instead of against them.

Dr. Taylor is passionate about her Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes course, which focuses on teaching the science of the body's existing self-healing capabilities, to bridge the gap between mind-body connection and maximum performance of professional athletes and their methods for physical improvement. She even insists on personally teaching it to every athlete to assure understanding and exponential improvement over the four-week intensive program.

Her background as a doctor of medicine provides her with an in-depth understanding of how the human body works and the science behind the methods, which ultimately helped her design the course. The benefits athletes experienced after taking Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes include improved breathing, better fluid exchange between tissues and blood vessels, increased cardiac output, metabolic energy savings, and inhibition of pain signals among many others.

Many believe mental health contributes to overall well-being and is the key to improving physical performance. While that might be true to a certain extent, it's not the be-all and end-all. Research and scientific studies have shown that the human body is more than capable of healing itself and that it has untapped existing mechanisms for restoring to optimal conditions.

Mentality, mental health, mindfulness, sports psychology primarily focus on one thing--the mind. While there is nothing wrong with doing work in this department there is some extremely important science that is being overlooked--the fact that the heart sends far more impulses to the brain than vice versa. The body is in control, not the brain or mind. This has implications for getting into flow, a state where the mind should be basically "off" and an athlete's full presence is with their body in the moment. The science that Dr. Taylor teaches addresses how to use the body's cues not only to let go of the mind but also to anticipate an opponent's next move.

An athlete does not have to stop their current mentality to gain great benefit from what Dr. Taylor teaches. However, it is important to note that if you are only focused on the mind then addressing "mind-body connection" is incomplete. An athlete will not feel whole this way and their performance, and overall life, will suffer.

One of the concepts taught in the program is how mood can be measured through the heart electromagnetic field using an EKG. Studies show that the change in mood as measured by the EKG can gauge how well the organs are functioning, even to the cellular level. Using the Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes course, Dr. Taylor provides an actual training and exercise program that helps athletes go into a body efficiency state whenever they want.

Studies have also found that the electromagnetic field can be detected and coordinated with others within an 18-inch distance. This phenomenon can be observed in full choirs singing together where their heart electromagnetic fields are all coordinated into the flow state together. Theoretically, if this concept is applied into full sports teams, coaches would be able to create extraordinarily powerful teams in perfect collaboration.

Dr. Taylor cites scientific evidence for every method in the entire course and explains them to her clients. If the processes are understood correctly, clients will be able to apply them independently without going through the course again. Dr. Taylor jokes that she doesn't have a typical business model because she knows if she does her job well, athletes will rarely, if ever, need her services again. She wants to empower athletes to understand their capabilities, not to be dependent on her.

The Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes was based on Dr. Taylor's observations of patients and residents of under-resourced communities who were healthier and could recover faster than western medicine could explain. After years of working and studying in those areas, she realized that their bodies' ability to recover faster had something to do with how they lived and their approach to life more than things like food, exercise, medication etc. The holistic healing approach has an apparent and measurable physical health improvement. After spending hundreds of hours researching the science behind how to self heal without medications, she even wrote a book about how to heal that cites the scientific studies she draws upon. Her book was even endorsed by Deepak Chopra M.D.

Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes has its merits as Dr. Taylor had the opportunity to use her methods on herself following the stroke she suffered a year ago that left her constantly exhausted, weak, and numb on her right side. In just a year of employing her methods, she has not only fully recovered but is stronger physically, emotionally, and spiritually than prior to the stroke.

Additionally, Dr. Taylor is proud to have partnered with a number of professional athletes and helped them realize remarkable results from her program. PGA golfer Louis Harrington is also among those who benefited much from the Science of Flow: Intuition for Athletes program. "Fantastic and insightful experience. It's a huge benefit as a professional golfer to understand emotions and tools to help in challenging situations," says Harrington.

Gleaning from recent scientific findings, the program seeks to optimize body functions during sports and training and everyday life unlike other courses. Of course, one of the other great benefits is addressing mood, but this naturally follows with mastery of her methods. Proving once again that the heart controls the mind, and not vice versa.

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