the price increase is still more confirmed with this new leak

Roland Quandt believes he knows the exact price list for the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra, via a Spanish retailer. Bad news: the price increase tends to be confirmed.

Presented on February 1, the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra hold no secrets for anyone. In recent days, a complete technical sheet belonging to the Ultra model has even leaked – the other versions have suffered the same fate as well. The price list for Samsung’s new flagships is also at the heart of the discussions.

Several rumors of corridors already tend to think that an increase will take place in Europe. This is what billbil-kun argued on January 18. This time, it’s Roland Quandt’s turn to add his little grain of salt via an oh so crispy Twitter message : the price of each version and each configuration is exposed there.

It will hurt

According to the interested party, here is how much the new batch of Galaxy S would cost:

Galaxy S23 :

959 euros in 8 + 128 Go ;

1019 euros in 8 + 256 Go.

Galaxy S23 Plus :

1209 euros in 8 + 256 Go ;

1329 euros in 8 + 512 Go.

Galaxy S23 Ultra :

1409 euros in 8 + 256 Go ;

1589 euros in 8 + 512 Go.

As a reminder, the Galaxy S22 with 128 GB of storage was released at a price of 859 euros in France in 2022, against 909 euros for the model with 256 GB. This gives you an idea of ​​​​the price jump that we could suffer: between 100 and 110 euros.

Small differences with other leaks

Roland Quandt – who relies on a Spanish retailer – doesn’t have exactly the same predictions as billbil-kun about the S23 Plus and S23 Ultra: he adds 10 euros for the first named, but subtracts 10 euros for the second. The end goal remains the same: you should pay more for your new phone from one generation to another.

This umpteenth leak in any case corroborates other identical rumors as to the prices of the future Galaxy S23. This choice of Samsung is not surprising either given the inflationary context of the moment. The Korean company is not the only one to have changed its pricing policy, as evidenced by Apple in 2022.

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