Hubs and cables and adapters, oh my!

So the 16” MBP I ordered should be arriving soon. Since it has no USB A ports and I’ve got loads of USB A stuff, I’m looking for some experienced based advice on an easy transition from my old well-connected iMac. In addition to my 6 drive JBOD arrangement plus the 2 drive “toaster” dock (all through a USB 3 hub), I’ve got a printer, 3 scanners, 3 a/v components and a small hub for thumb drives, phone charging / data xfers, and other miscellany all plugged in at all times.

The Mac will be staying in the family office, mostly relegated to homework and other kid stuff, but can still support a few items if need be. The MBP will be taking over primary work position though, so I’ll need to hook up as much as possible to retain the best workflow and data management, and hopefully take advantage of the fattest chunk of the speedy new bandwidth.

Any suggestions on how to do so while not buying too much new equipment? The MBP has tapped the tech budget for a while, so I need to go easy on the additional expense for the time being. Thanks.